Paged Eesti OÜ's main activity is veneer production

Veneer is a thin layer of wood used in the production of furniture, doors and interior finishing materials.

About the company

Years of experience

Paged Eesti is an experienced veneer manufacturer that has been operating in this field since 2004.

Due to the geographical location and the availability of raw materials, most of the production is birch veneer. Paged Eesti currently employs 140 people, most of whom are residents of the city of Pärnu and its surrounding municipalities. Exports account for about 93% of our sales, most of which go to Central and Eastern Europe.

The environment

Environmentally friendly and economical production

Veneer produced veneer is an environmentally friendly natural product that does not use chemicals. We use ordinary water to cook veneer sheets and air heated in dryers for drying, we get the necessary heat energy from our boiler house, which we heat with production residues.
We procure the required birch wood mainly from Estonia, Latvia and Finland.


Reliable and sustainable manufacturer

Paged Eesti OÜ also has an FSC® certificate and the right to sell its products with the marking "FSC Mix" and "FSC Controlled Wood".
We have gained a reputation as a reliable and sustainable manufacturer in the market and we supply our products to all major birch veneer consumers.

Values and policies

We aim to be the largest birch veneer manufacturer in the world



  • Paged Eesti acquired the certificates:
  • FSC Mix Credit NC-COC-009115d:
  • FSC Controlled Wood NC-CW-009115
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