Valmos OÜ Grants

Valmos OÜ „Uus efektiivne vineerispooni tootmisliin“ Euroopa Liidult toetust

Project summary:

The new plywood veneer production line ensures more efficient and automated production, which allows us to offer a higher quality product on a larger scale. The best technologies will be used to add sustainable value to the forest resource and to minimize production losses.

Project goal and result:

The aim of the project is to be a more efficient, economical, higher quality, automated and competitive company. The project achieves savings in raw materials and significantly automates the process. As a result of automation, it is possible to make better use of the workforce. As a result of the project, the company will be able to increase production volumes and thereby also enter new markets, which will enable the company to develop and become more competitive. As a result of the project, the quality of the product will also improve due to new and more accurate equipment.

Grant (EUR):

1 299 755,50